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The company

HOUSEWARES GERMANY is one of the most innovative companies in the household and kitchen products sector in Germany.

The founders and team have dedicated themselves fully to the development of new and high quality products and worldwide innovations. 

The main production site is located in southern Germany, which allows unique short notice availability of our products. Only thus can the high quality standards and safety regulations be met. We are committed to developing cutting edge products for household and kitchen with excellent service.


The long-term business strategy of HOUSEWARES GERMANY is to secure and expand our global market position through new and further developments of ingenious products. This also includes securing and strengthening our existing sales channels and developing new ones in order to survive and grow in the future.

HOUSEWARES GERMANY’s strategy builds on the following marketing pillars:


  • Wholesale national & international sales (trade)
  • Sales on TV shopping channels
  • TV commercials (infomercials)
  • Sales directly to consumers via catalog, online store, newsletter, promotions, etc.

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