TNS 2000 Vegetable Slicer

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TNS 2000 - Vormesser
TNS 2000 - Vormesser 2
TNS 2000 - Griff
TNS 2000 - Restehalter
TNS 2000 - Blau
TNS 2000 - Grau
TNS 2000 - Gelb
TNS 2000 - Bordeaux
TNS 2000 - Grün


The TNS 2000 vegetable slicer is really an all-round expert for your kitchen. Thanks to its integrated programming switch facility with a total of nine different settings it functions on its own without the need for inserts and plays therefore definitely in a league of its own.

It can chop all types of vegetables easily, accurately into slices and stripes of cubes of different thicknesses. Even the safety-holder is multi-functional and can be used as a lemon squeezer.
Of course the material used is plastic which conforms to food appliance standards and it’s also cadmium- and leadfree and the cutting blades are made of stainless steel. Made in Germany!