TNS 3000 Vegetable Slicer

The TNS 3000 Vegetable Slicer "All-in-one" sliced your vegetables in 32 different settings without inserts.

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Product information


TNS 3000 - Schnittstärkenverstellung
TNS 3000 - Vormessereinstellung
TNS 3000 - Schrägmesser
TNS 3000 - Anti-Rutsch Füße
TNS 3000 - Restehalter mit Spießen


TNS3000 - Blau
TNS3000 - Bordeaux
TNS3000 - Grün



Can a nearly perfect item be improved? Yes we can! The new TNS 3000 all-in-one vegetable slicer is the successor of the successful TNS 2000 model and even more beautiful and ergonomic in its design.

As a matter of fact, of course, it does not need any inserts and offers even more different settings due to the separate height and pre-cut blade adjustment for perfect chips, stripes and dice in various sizes.

The safety guard has been completed with metal pins for safe and comfortable slicing of smaller vegetables and fruits while your fingers are protected.
The TNS 3000 all-in-one vegetable slicer is made of absolutely non-toxic plastic, suitable for food processing and free of lead and cadmium. All blades are quality stainless steel. Made in Germany!