Garnish Peeler

Garnish Peeler peels fruits & vegetables with minimum waste.

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Garnierschäler - Gelb/Blau
Garnierschäler - Orange/Grün
Garnierschäler - Orange/Blau
Garnierschäler - Blau/Blau
Garnierschäler - Edelstahl/Schwarz

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Product information:

EAN & UPC numbers:

Colours EAN number UPC number
yellow / blue 4260072580022  
Grün / orange 4260072580169  
orange / blue 4260072580039  
blue / blue 4260072580046  
stainless steel / black 4260072580053  


Presentation is everything! Present healthy food abounding in vitamins and attractively decorated. Transform tomatoes, melons, citrus fruits or radishes into little works of art within seconds.

This practical garnish peeler is a household aid when it comes to preparation of all fresh fruit and vegetables when peeling, decorating, garnishing, combining, forming and carving.
In contrast to all other commercially available peelers, the garnish peeler has a serrated blade. This ensures an even removal of the peel with a minimum loss. Using this peeler you are even in a position to peel hard ginger or fresh peppers thus avoiding the time consuming procedure of blanching.