Cubic Vegetable Cutter

Cuts fruits, vegetables, herbs, cheeses and sausages into dices or julienne strips quickly, easily and safely.

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Product information


Cubic - Geöffnet
Cubic - Platzsparend
Cubic - Wechselbare Messereinsätze
Cubic - Behälter mit Deckel
Cubic - Weiß
Cubic - Grün
Cubic - Orange
Cubic - Rot
Cubic - Blau
Cubic - Türkis



Once you have used the Cubic vegetable cutter you will never want to do without it again. It will save you time and effort during cooking: fruit, vegetables, herbs, cheese, eggs, mushrooms or sausage are diced or sliced into sticks with a flick of the wrist. French fries virtually make themselves. And a fine fruit salad is ready in a jiffy.

The Cubic vegetable cutter is safe to use as well. With the cutting inserts, your fingers don’t even come into contact with the blades while you cut your food. And you don’t need much force even for hard vegetables - thanks to the well thought out leverage action.

The food-safe plastic collection container is especially practical. It can be neatly sealed with a lid and is ideally suited for storing food in the refrigerator. All the individual parts of the Cubic fit into each other for space-saving storage in the cupboard.

Three inserts are available. The blades are made of high-quality Japanese stainless steel. All other parts of the Cubic are dishwasher safe and can also be cleaned with the provided brush.

Accessories: 6mm and 9mm blades for dicing and 6mm blade for julienne slices. 12mm blade for dicing available upon request.