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It's the first can opener for bottles. And it also sharpens knives.

The Profi Can Series, from the research and development department of HOUSEWARES GERMANY has a new addition: The Profi Can MULTI. As with the rest of the series, safety is paramount. In addition to its main task of opening cans, this clever utensil has two other functions: an integrated knife sharpener and a bottle opener for bottle caps.

"Our customers often complain that their kitchen drawers are overflowing with all the equipment that you need in the household these days", says Christoph Hendreich, Managing Partner, at the company's headquarters in Singen, Southern Germany. "With the Profi Can MULTI can opener we have developed a utensil for the kitchen which is both space-saving and fulfills three functions at once." Safety, as ever, comes first: The Profi Can MULTI is designed so that when opening cans no sharp edges or metal fragments arise - neither on the can itself, nor on the lid. This is because the can is simply opened in the fold where it was sealed during manufacture.

When sharpening knives the Profi Can MULTI's suction cup is securely fixed to a smooth surface. Buried in the handle are two differently constructed blades made of tungsten carbide, one for kitchen knives with “V” blades and one for serrated knives and scissors. Christoph Hendreich offers this tip, "By the way, thanks to its suction cup you can store the Profi Can MULTI by fixing it to the refrigerator, for example. And that way you always have this useful multi-tool to hand - without having to look in the drawer."

A brief outline of the company:

In the field of household and kitchen appliances, the company HOUSEWARES GERMANY is among the most innovative companies in Germany. Based in the town of Singen, in southern Germany, the shareholders (F. Strauss, M. Haberstroh and C. Hendreich) work daily with their dedicated team to develop new, high quality products. Many top quality products and world firsts are designed and marketed here. The products of HOUSEWARES GERMANY are available worldwide through wholesalers, teleshopping channels and retail, as well as via catalog and online stores.



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