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The Colandish, a world first, is revolutionizing cooking habits

Delight yourself and your guests with the Colandish

The first-ever product of its kind, the "Colandish", from the handy household helper company HOUSEWARES GERMANY (HWG), based in Singen, southern Germany, is transforming cooking habits with its versatile all-in-one solution: it’s a practical sieve and - thanks to the Pop-up silicone base - also an attractive bowl. The Colandish can be used to prepare, serve and store dishes. The Colandish was developed in collaboration with the designers Michael & Knox and is patent pending worldwide.

"The Colandish is currently our absolute favorite", said Christoph Hendreich, Managing Partner at HWG, "because compared to traditional bowls Colandish is not only compact and incredibly convenient, but also environmentally friendly: instead of using a sieve and lots of different bowls, dishes can be prepared with a single solution. This means less washing dishes and less work. Sieve, mix and serve with just one kitchen tool.”

The idea is that you can pour food into the Colandish directly from the pan. With just a gentle, sideways press of the finger, the integrated Pop-up silicone base flips up to cover the sieve, forming a bowl, allowing the food item to be further prepared and served in the all-in-one Colandish. There is also an optional silicone lid that helps keep the food warm or can prevent food odors spreading during storage in the refrigerator.

As ever with HWG products, the materials and workmanship are excellent: the Colandish is made of a very high quality plastic called tritan, stainless steel, ceramic and food-safe silicone. It meets the relevant international food contact standards, such as FDA/LFGB. In particular, the combination of ceramic and silicone is seen as being new and surprising - so it's likely to be the focus of interest at any dining table. The Colandish is dishwasher safe. National and international companies have already expressed their interest in the distribution of this new kitchen tool.

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A brief outline of the company:

In the field of household and kitchen appliances, the company HOUSEWARES GERMANY is among the most innovative companies in Germany. Based in the town of Singen, in southern Germany, the shareholders (F. Strauss, M. Haberstroh and C. Hendreich) work daily with their dedicated team to develop new, high quality products. Many top quality products and world firsts are designed and marketed here. The products of HOUSEWARES GERMANY are available worldwide through wholesalers, teleshopping channels and retail, as well as via catalog and online stores.



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