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Spiraled and curled - vegetables really can look this exciting.

The spiral cutter Spirelix from HOUSEWARES GERMANY brings new decorative ideas to the kitchen.

A tasty dish should do more than simply please the palate - it should also be a feast for the eyes! So constantly conjuring up new decorative delights for the table is a real challenge. But now you can look forward to that challenge with Spirelix, the new spiral slicer from HOUSEWARES GERMANY.

What makes Spirelix different to conventional spiral cutters? "Spirelix is easier to use and also smaller than its competitors. But with a blade length of about 7cm it still works with the largest of diameters - that's vegetables up to 15cm thick", says Christoph Hendreich, Managing Partner at HOUSEWARES GERMANY. This means that neither zucchini, nor other vegetables and fruits are safe from Spirelix. But the real highlight is that in no time at all, the Spirelix lets you make much more than just the usual spirals. The special arrangement of the blades on the patented julienne attachment produces fine ringlets. And this is really new: decorate salads with surprising spirals, with curls of radishes, zucchini or cucumbers, for example. The Spirelix opens up new possibilities with hot food, too: "How great do you think fried potato curls taste? Check it out! I promise you, this is definitely worth trying.", promises Hendreich, who is also delighted that the design of the new spiral cutter is protected in the U.S., Europe and China.

The secret behind how Spirelix cuts even harder vegetables effortlessly is that the blades are not stamped, but etched. This makes them considerably sharper. And to make sure nobody hurts themselves when reaching into a drawer, the Spirelix has a neat blade protector. The spiral cutter also has handy additional accessories: a fixing rod, which grips softer vegetables when cutting.

A brief outline of the company:

In the field of household and kitchen appliances, the company HOUSEWARES GERMANY is among the most innovative companies in Germany. Based in the town of Singen, in southern Germany, the shareholders (F. Strauss, M. Haberstroh and C. Hendreich) work daily with their dedicated team to develop new, high quality products. Many top quality products and world firsts are designed and marketed here. The products of HOUSEWARES GERMANY are available worldwide through wholesalers, teleshopping channels and retail, as well as via catalog and online stores.



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