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Seal bags – super easy, super fast

The Sealabag is the new household helper from HWG

Two hand movements have to be enough" - that was the goal of the handy household helper company from Singen, southern Germany, HOUSEWARES GERMANY (HWG). As a manufacturer and developer of practical household aids, with the Sealabag, the team now has a tool in its range that lets anyone seal bags easily, quickly and safely. The Sealabag automatically dispenses, cuts off and applies an adhesive sealing strip to every kind of bag - whether it’s sandwich bags for lunch, bags for frozen food or rubbish bags.

Functionality and stylish design were at the forefront of the handy kitchen tool's development. The aim was for the Sealabag to technically perfect the functionality of similar products already on the market. The result is so good that it is not only an indispensable help in the home, but also for companies such as bakeries. One of the great advantages of the Sealabag is its multi-functionality: as standalone unit, it can be set up wherever it is needed. Thanks to its non-slip feet, it’s safe and stable on all surfaces. The Sealabag can also be mounted securely, in a cupboard or decoratively on end of a kitchen unit. And the Sealabag can also be used as a standalone unit, even after installation: simply remove it from the wall mounting bracket. "The initial feedback has been very positive," said Christoph Hendreich, Managing Partner at HWG, "so much that we've registered the Sealabag for international design protection."

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A brief outline of the company:

In the field of household and kitchen appliances, the company HOUSEWARES GERMANY is among the most innovative companies in Germany. Based in the town of Singen, in southern Germany, the shareholders (F. Strauss, M. Haberstroh and C. Hendreich) work daily with their dedicated team to develop new, high quality products. Many top quality products and world firsts are designed and marketed here. The products of HOUSEWARES GERMANY are available worldwide through wholesalers, teleshopping channels and retail, as well as via catalog and online stores.



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