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Excellent defrosting can be really simple.

The defrosting and chopping board from HOUSEWARES GERMANY brings the highest standards from gastronomy into the home kitchen.

The catering industry has very strict hygiene guidelines. Sensible ideas from that world can also be usefully applied at home, too – and that was the idea of the company HOUSEWARES GERMANY, based in the town of Singen, in the south of the country, that has now developed into a bestseller: The Defrosting and Chopping Board ensures the best possible preservation of quality and taste during the defrosting process, while observing the catering trade’s strict hygienic standards for food processing.

The largest markets for the professional standard board so far are South Korea and the United States. "In Korea, we even have an exclusive agreement for 4 years and we are currently negotiating with major customers in Japan and Italy", says Christoph Hendreich, Managing Partner of HOUSEWARES GERMANY. Mr Hendreich did not want to reveal all of the secrets of the defrosting and chopping board, but we did learn this much: Thanks to the high thermal conductivity of the stain resistant, specially coated aluminum, frozen foods can defrost both gently, but also up to 65% faster. Hendreich is also proud of the board’s long lifespan. Being as robust and handy as it is - currently available as a 30 x 20 cm model - it is also well suited for camping trips. A larger version of 30 x 40 cm is planned for next spring.

The changeable cutting surfaces are available in different colors: If you like, you can color match the kitchen or, as is common practice in restaurants, assign various food categories to certain colors in order to prevent germs or bacteria being transmitted in the kitchen. The cutting surfaces also come with options to suit different requirements: Choose between conventional PP and antibacterial, with silver ion treated PP, as well as TPU, which is a particularly gentle on knife blades and durable. The TPU cutting surfaces can be boiled in a pot.

What characterizes the defrosting and chopping board succinctly? Christoph Hendreich answers with just three words: "Hygiene, quality and speed."

A brief outline of the company:

In the field of household and kitchen appliances, the company HOUSEWARES GERMANY is among the most innovative companies in Germany. Based in the town of Singen, in southern Germany, the shareholders (F. Strauss, M. Haberstroh and C. Hendreich) work daily with their dedicated team to develop new, high quality products. Many top quality products and world firsts are designed and marketed here. The products of HOUSEWARES GERMANY are available worldwide through wholesalers, teleshopping channels and retail, as well as via catalog and online stores.



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